Macquarie Harbour and Sarah Island

A day or two on Macquarie Harbour reveals much to the visitor besides its most famous icon - the Gordon River. This body of water is six times the size of Sydney Harbour. Macquarie Heads provides great beach fishing and good views and regular spotting of dolphin pods.

Just north of Hell's Gates, the spectacular entrance to Macquarie Harbour, is Ocean beach, a 40km stretch that faces 8000km of Great Southern Ocean. Watch the Muttonbirds return from a day's feeding to their nests at dusk and depart again at dawn.

To the south is the Cape Sorell lighthouse , the second highest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fish farms in the centre of the harbour produce over 9000 tonnes of fish. A coal seam runs under the water and the shores contain some of the oldest plant fossils ever found.

The Harbour has a rich and dramatic convict and pioneer past. From 1822 to 1833, Sarah Island was the home of a harsh convict settlement, with logging and boat building from the locally sought Huon Pine being the main trade. Today a tour of the ruins on Sarah Island is a fascinating part of the Gordon River Cruise and World Heritage Cruise. Other historical sites include, Brickmaker's Bay, Grummet Rock, Halliday's Island, Sophia Point, Philips Island, Kelly Basin, Farm Cove and Boom Camp.

Aboriginal Heritage
The four tribes of the Palawa people of the West Coast occupied lands adjacent to Macquarie Harbour and the women may have used Sarah Island (Langerrareroune) as a meeting place. Many present day Palawa have returned to the area. More...

Cruise the Gordon River
Fully guided tour of the Gordon River, see Tasmania's famous fish farms, go ashore and explore Sarah Island then cruise the Gordon River. Stop at Heritage Landing and discover ancient rainforest. Cruise takes approx. 6 hours.

World Heritage Cruises - departs daily 9am - Book a World Heritage Cruise
Gordon River Cruises - departs daily at 8.30am - Book a Gordon River Cruise

Both cruises operate afternoon cruises seasonally. Enquire at the booking office or West Coast Visitor Informations Centre.

The Ship That Never Was
Live professional theatre production based on a real event in 1843. Dramatic and hilarious true story. The show goes for approx. 1 hour, 15 minutes and is on everyday at 5.30pm Next to the West Coast Visitor Information Centre, The Esplanade, Strahan. Tel: (03) 6471 7700. More... The Live production is suspended for the winter months (June until the end of August). In the winter months catch the film version, shown at the Risby Cove Theatre at 5-30pm everyday.