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Off The Beaten Track
Lesser known but interesting narrow gauge railways With John Dennis
Hello Folks. This time we are visiting another tramway which lasted until the 1960s, doing the job for which it was designed and retaining steam power until the end: the North Mount Farrell Tramway on Tasmania's mineral-rich West Coast. This little 2' gauge line connected the mine (and associated township) at Tullah with the 3'6" Emu Bay Railway, a distance of about 6 miles (10 km). Until the Murchison Highway was opened in 1962 it was the only means of access to the isolated town. The line also tended to be known variously as the Farrell Tramway, Mount Farrell Tramway, or the Tullah Tramway.
Narrow Gauge Downunder

Created From Chaos: a geological trail of 100 sites in Tasmania

"Created from Chaos" is a definitive book interpreting (in understanding terminology) 101 geographical sites and places... as old as 1300 million year rocks on King Island to the most recent landslides in Launceston. Using basic explanations and definitions, photographic images of Chaos sites, rocks, structures, Permian and territory fossils, the author shows how to acknowledge this "special place"... the island of Tasmania.

"Created from Chaos" is available on The West Coast at the Zeehan Pioneers Museum and at the West Coast Visitor and Information Centre, Strahan for $60.00.

The extract is from "Created from Chaos" - the section featuring the Mount Read Volcanics of Western Tasmania.

Where to Ride Tasmania

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